Back to the same old routine

Saturday 23rd November 2013

That meant cleaning and washing for me in the morning, and then walking the dogs in the afternoon. Of course, now that we’re home the sun is shining, although it’s still a tad cold. And as usual on a Saturday afternoon we went over Upton Heath for our walk.

Upton Heath from the Viewpoint

The low autumn sun shows all of the lumps and bumps in the landscape.

Lumps and Bumps in the Landscape, Upton Heath

Max was looking rather handsome, backlit by the sun.


Even the power lines looked attractive.

Power Lines

By the time we got to the lower heath the sun was getting pretty low, which enabled me to get this lovely shot as it sank behind the trees.

Sunset, Upton Heath

And as we headed along the Roman Road back to the car, it was giving a wonderful golden glow to the trees.

The sun's golden rays light up the Roman Road

Difficult to work with, but such wonderful light for photography.


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