A beautiful afternoon

Saturday 30th November 2013

After a morning cleaning it was lovely to have beautiful winter sunshine for our walk on Upton Heath this afternoon. It was our usual Saturday afternoon walk: I drove the dogs to the heath and then we walked up the Roman Road, took a quick diversion into Pinesprings Nature Reserve, and then came onto the heath.

The trees are starting to lose most of their leaves now, so there are thick carpets of them on the ground. Here’s Max in a lovely carpet of sycamore leaves in the Nature Reserve.

Max in amongst the  fallen leaves

This next photo is of a couple walking up the hill on the heath, bathed in the late afternoon sunlight.

Walking up the hill

Meanwhile, down in the boggy ponds, Max and the blue sky are nicely refelected in the water.

A double helping of Max

And lastly, as we headed back to the car, the sunlight had turned to a lovely golden glow.

Late autumn sunlight

I’ve just realised how much the trees are leaning in that photo. It just goes to show the direction of the prevailing winds off the heath.


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