Upton Country Park Take 2

Sunday 1st December 2013

I can’t believe that it’s December already. Where has the year gone? And Christmas is almost upon us. Not that we do a lot for Christmas: other than the fact that I buy far too much food and we end up eating it throughout January and often into February. This year I decided that I would put my Christmas trees up early. We so liked the one I bought for the living room last year that we didn’t want to take it down, so I thought I’d put it up now so that it could brighten the room on these dull December days. Not that it takes very long to put it up – 10 minutes at the most. It does look very pretty though.

The christmas tree is up

I’ve also bought one for outside the front door this year.

My new outdoor christmas tree

Apart from putting the trees up I did a bit of clearing up and made some bread in the morning. In the afternoon it was time for our walk, which was today to Upton Country Park. Only Max and I went, and I’d been going to take him to Upton Heath again, but I couldn’t park so drove onto the Country Park which is just up the road. I called this blog ‘Take 2’ because when I came to review the photos I’d taken I realised that that was exactly what it was. It turns out I’d taken the same photos less than a week ago when I went there with Jez. So anyway, here is the first one of the path round the back of the park.

Autumn at Upton Country Park

And here is one of the boardwalk with a slightly interesting looking sky.

Boardwalk, Upton Country Park

Sorry about that. I did say that if I’m not careful I just keep taking photos of the same things!


One thought on “Upton Country Park Take 2

  1. I know what you mean about taking the same photos over and over — but each time there is something slightly different! I love the path and trail photos. Also, your Christmas trees are awesome 🙂

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