It’s back to Upton Country Park today

Wednesday 4th December 2013

It was just Max and I again today, so we had a gentle stroll around Upton Country Park. In the Woodland Walk the leaves are still hanging onto the trees, creating a wonderful golden effect.

The leaves are still hanging on

And where they are juxtaposed against the evergreens the effect can be quite striking.

Trees in the Woodland Walk

It was a very still day, so the pond was like a giant looking glass reflecting the sky and the trees.


Along the path around the back of the park the beech leaves are a wonderful burnished gold (not really done justice by this photo).

Bronzed beach leaves

And further round the heads of the reeds have gone all fluffy.


But the best shot is of Max in a bed of bright yellow field maple leaves.


From the looks of that carpet of leaves it won’t be long now before we are just left with bare branches on the trees.


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