Great skies over Canford Heath

Thursday 5th December 2013

The sun had made an appearance this morning, so Miss Jezebel declined my offer of a walk. That meant that it was just Max and I who went over to a rather blustery Canford Heath. Up on the path above the crematorium, this silver birch was ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’.

Blowing in the wind

A little bit further on in our walk and the sky looked lovely over the heath.

Pretty skies over Canford Heath

And next, a shot of the Scots Pine I like so much – this time with a very pretty sky behind it.

Scots pine with a great sky

As for Max, he still can’t wear his collar, but we are letting him play in his favourite streams and ponds again.

Max enjoys the stream

I still haven’t heard from the vet about the results of his biopsy. If I don’t hear tomorrow I will phone.


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