In which Max demonstrates his reading ability and we get good news

Friday 6th December 2013

More sun this morning, so once again it was only Max and I on our morning walk. And since it was Friday we headed down to the Baiter and Parkstone Bay. As we got to the Whitecliff Park end of our walk, my attention was caught by cars going under the railway bridge over Whitecliff Road. We have escaped the bad flooding and storm surge that the East Coast has suffered, but there have been flood warning out here for high spring tides. And although the seas is high here it hasn’t come over the wall / rock barrier. However, the railway bridge has flooded.

Flooding under the bridge on Whitecliff Road

Pedestrians couldn’t get through it at all.

Further on I spotted a man we sometimes talk to, who has two very noisy Dachshunds, sitting on one of the seats, gazing out across the harbour.

Gaxing across the harbour

Max, meanwhile, was keen to demonstrate his reading abilities.

Max studies the warning sign

I walked along with a lady I speak to sometimes, and while we were talking I noticed Max on the steps. Once again the water was lapping up against them, and once again Max was scared of the noise it made. A couple of times he tried to walk up the steps sideways to get away from the water.

Max is still scared of the water lapping against the steps

And after that it was time for a short swim.

Time for a swim

After lunch I phoned the vet to see if the results of Max’s biopsy were in. The vet phoned me back later to say they were and it was good news. Max had had an adenoma (a benign tumour) on his pararthyroid gland, which had been completely excised in the operation. So he has pretty much been given a clean bill of health, although he will have another blood test next week. Duncan, his vet, said this was the only time he has ever known a high calcium level in the blood to be caused by anything other than cancer. We consider ourselves very lucky.


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