An afternoon of rather dramatic skies

Saturday 7th December 2013

Saturday morning meant cleaning for me, and by the time I came to take the dogs over Upton Heath in the afternoon there were a lot of very dark clouds around – and some wonderful sunlight. This was the view that greeted us as we walked up by Pinesprings in Broadstone.

Brooding skies

The sun was lighting up the fallen leaves nicely as well.

Sycamore leaf

When we got onto the Heath we saw that the visibility was great, so the views across to Poole and Arne were wonderful.

View over Upton Heath

Those dark clouds weren’t far away though.

Brooding skies over Upton Heath

As we came down across the Heath the sun started to go down too, just adding to the effect.

The sun starts to set over Upton Heath

And by the time we got to the small pine wood, it was all rather pretty.

As the sun sets

Talking of pines, Max managed to find himself something new to carry and around and have a chew at – a small pine branch. It looked so funny sticking out of his mouth.

Max decides to carry round a pine branch

Notice he still hasn’t got his collar on – he’s managed to scratch his neck wound open again today. No doubt it will heal eventually!


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