Even more dramatic skies

Sunday 8th December 2013

I hate technology. It never works properly. Today I spent the whole morning trying to get my Canon inklet to print labels onto a CD. First of all the software, which I’ve put on my laptop before wouldn’t load. So I went to Canon’s site and downloaded the correct version. Then Canon’s label software told me I didn’t have the right printer attached. I tried everything. In the end I used Photoshop Elements, which could find the printer. But the printer wouldn’t recognise the CD carrier, and when it did only printed 2/3 of what I needed. I gave up at lunchtime.

So onto my walk in the afternoon with Max. Not only did Jez not want a morning walk today, she didn’t want an afternoon one either. We managed to persuade her outside the front door, but after a quick sniff round the drive she went back inside. So it was just Max and I who went over to Canford Heath. Our walk was ok, but to say it was dark and dismal would be a bit of an understatement. The walk was enhanced considerably by the sun breaking through the dark and foreboding clouds. This is the view we had across to Poole.

The suns rays break through the clouds over Poole

And a bit later on, as the sun started to set, I got this wonderful silhouette.

Silhouettes, Canford Heath

But my favourite shot of all is this one.

Backlit tree

Beautiful, isn’t it?


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