No walk for me today

Tuesday 10th December 2013

Jez’s physio appointment was booked for Thursday this week, but thinking it was on Tuesday (mainly because that’s when I told him it was) Chris arranged a business trip on Thursday, so in the end I had to swap Jez’s appointment back to this morning. And Max had to see the vet for a follow-up blood test. So a large chunk of my morning was spent at the vets, which meant that we didn’t get a walk this morning. Then Chris took the dogs out in the afternoon, so there are no pictures from any walks today at all I’m afraid. Instead I just took a couple of photos of the dogs relaxing in the evening.

That said, Jez doesn’t look particularly relaxed in this photo. I do think it’s quite a nice photo of her though.

Jez waiting for her peanut butter

Max, on the other hand, seen here with poor Foxy who he’s been steadily chewing to bits, looks very relaxed.

Foxy comes to check on a sleepy Max

Hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow.


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