Sunshine in the morning

Monday 9th December 2013

After the grey skies of the week-end it was nice to see bright sunshine on a Monday morning.And in spite of the sun I managed to get Jezebel to come with us. But that might have had something to do with the fact that I sang her the Bin Day song. Being Monday morning we walked over to Upton Heath, where we were greeted by this view.

December sun on Upton Heath

We did our normal morning walk, which meant a visit to Max’s favourite pond where I threw the cone for him. I love this photo of him – he looks so grumpy. Obviously I wasn’t throwing his cone quickly enough!

I don't think I'm throwing his cone quite quickjly enough.

Jez meanwhile took herself off to the other side of the pond where she gazed out across the Heath.

Jez gazes across the heath

But every now and then she turn to look at me – just to check where I was.

Just checking where I am

In the afternoon I tackled the leaf mountain in the garden – for nearly 2 1/2 hours! It looked much better when I’d finished, but what worries me is all of the trees around us that are still laden with leaves 😦


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