A bit breezy on Upton Heath

Saturday 14th December 2013

So the weekend has rolled around again, meaning its my turn to take the dogs for a walk in the afternoon. True to form, Jez didn’t go out with Chris is the morning, instead choosing to snooze on the bed in the sun. By the time we went to go out in the afternoon, though, it was just cloudy with a quite a stiff breeze. It’s gearing up for the heavy rain that’s due tomorrow.

A grey day on Upton Heath

We did manage to see the cows, but only in the distance as they were munching in the middle of the heath.

Cows on Upton Heath

Of course, the wind meant that Max had a bit of an ear problem again.

Max is having a problem with the wind again

Later on we met our fried Jasper. Poor Jez: he comes racing towards us and she cowers. He’s just a bit too big and exuberant for her now.

There’s just one more photo for you from today: bedtime. Jez likes to commandeer beds (and remake them to her own specifications). Tonight she had made herself comfortable on Chris’ bed.

Jez settles herself on Chris' bed at bedtime

Fortunately she moves once we get into bed.

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