Star Baker!

Monday 16th December 2013

The weather was still pretty miserable this morning so Jez decided she wasn’t going to come for a walk, despite it being bin day. So it was only Max and I who went over to what is rapidly becoming a very soggy Upton Heath. At least the new drainage ditches along the main path are doing their work though.

The rainwater run off ditches are working

And, despite the expression on his face in this photo, Max always enjoys the new puddles that appear (well actually they are old puddles that he knew and loved last winter, but which disappeared in the summer).

Rain means new puddles

Along the old railway line I noticed that our friend Janet had left flowers on the memorial bench to her late husband. They made a nice splash of colour on an otherwise grey day.

Janet has left flowers on her husband's memorial bench

Just after we left the old railway line we met up with our friend Bindi, the deaf Dalmatian, and walked the rest of the round with him and his owner. Once we got to the Roman Road you could start to get an idea of exactly how much rain we had overnight. The stream had flooded and was joined by water streaming off the heath, to completely flood the Roman Road. Bindi enjoyed all the water though.

Bindi plays in the flooded Roman Road

In the afternoon I did some more baking – this time shortbread biscuits.

I've been baking shortbread biscuits

Totally scrummy, and you can now see the reason for the title.


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