We escaped the rain today

Wednesday 18th December 2013

The forecast was for heavy showers this morning. I didn’t expect to get Jez out, with all this talk of rain, but she decided that she’d grace us with her company. Just in case of those heavy showers I wrapped up well, with waterproof boots, trousers and coat and headed for Broadstone Rec. where I knew we could expect at least some shelter from the worst of any rain.

As it was it didn’t rain at all! But there are very few photo opportunities on grey dull days at Broadstone Rec. So I decided it was about time we had another photo of my favourite angel.

War Memorial

I was surprised to see that there are still one or two flowers out in the gardens, although we’ve only had a couple of light frosts and in general the weather has been warm for the time of year. So here’s the first flower for you. I think I took a photo of this bush last month, and it’s still in bloom.

Winter Flowers 1

As was this plant.

Winter Flowers 2

I had enticed Jez to come with us with a promise of seeing the chickens. Sadly though, they were still tucked up in bed this morning, so she was disappointed.


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