Max, birds and a scooter down at Parkstone Bay

Friday 20th December 2013

Another bright sunny morning dawned – another excuse for Jezebel to lay in bed snoozing in the sun. So it was only Max and I who headed down to the Baiter and Parkstone Bay this morning. Max is getting brave, though. He wasn’t scared by the wavelets slapping against the steps today.


It was a fairly high tide, but we did at least get time to play on the little beach.

Chasing his cone

There were lots of seabirds around today. At the Whitecliff Park end of the bay these little Turnstones were busying themselves looking for food along the sea wall.

Turnstones on the sea wall

Here’s a bit more of a close up of one of them.


At the Poole end of our walk there were lots of oystercatchers, seagulls and geese on the grass at the Baiter.

Lots of oystercatchers and geese on the Baiter

We dropped back onto the little beach by the Baiter carpark for Max to play in the sea again. Walking along the shoreline I came across a dead rat.

Dead Rat

And just around the corner, someone had thrown a scooter into the sea (stolen I presume and then dumped).

Someone's lost their scooter

By the time we left it was starting to cloud over. But it did mean that I got this really nice shot of the Baiter.

Strolling on the Baiter

In the afternoon I did some more Christmas baking. Today it was Chelsea Buns (not that they are particularly Christmassy, but simply that I made them as a treat the week-end before Christmas). This is the dough waiting to be rolled up.

Chelsea buns in the making

And these are the finished buns.

Chelsea Buns waiting to be eaten

They were totally scrummy.

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