A puddley Christmas Eve

Tuesday 24th December 2013

Yes, we’ve had yet more rain. I feel so sorry for the poor people whose homes have been flooded and for those without power. Not a nice Christmas in prospect for them. Here, it was just wet and miserable. Jez decided it was laying in bed weather, so only Max and I went over Canford Heath where there was water everywhere: Max was in his element.

This gate now leads to a small lake.

Gate to a lake

Up on the heath Max found lots of puddles. He found old ones:

Lots of puddles for Max

And new ones.

Look at this nice new puddle!

There were gullies to stand in…

Of course, little gullies are best

And lots of water in his normal playing spots.

Old favourites have lots of water in them

Coming down the old coach road we found a new lake.

There seems to be a new lake!

Which Max had to try out.

Max has to try out the new lake

Some paths were pretty impassable, although if you can make it out there is a guy up the hill who must have very wet feet.

It's not easy to get up this path

And for some paths you just needed wellington boots (or doggie paws).

You definitely need wellies

As for the stream, it is pretty deep now.

The stream is a bit full

I came home with one very happy dog.

In the after noon I cleaned and got ready for Christmas. Which meant putting the presents under the tree.

Presents under the tree

Time to go to bed now and dream of Santa Paws.


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