Stormy weather

Saturday 21st December 2013

After yesterday morning’s lovely sunshine the weather soon deteriorated and we have had storms overnight. Jez decided that the best thing to do was stay in bed all day.

Jez decides to stay in bed

Chris took Max out in the morning, and then I took him over to Upton Heath in the afternoon. It wasn’t long before we saw the results of the storm.

Obstacles in the path

As you can see, it was still raining heavily, which explains why I didn’t take a camera with me, but rather took these photos on my phone.

Fortunately we could walk round the fallen tree.

Fallen Tree

Max was a wet, but happy dog.

Max likes all this water

And he really liked the swollen stream (with it’s little waterfall) along the Roman Road.

Flooded stream and waterfall

Coming home I noticed this house along one of the roads we walk down. I thought the decorations were pretty: not overdone and with a slightly unusual penguin!

Pretty decorations

As for the weather in the lead up to Christmas: that is forecast to be changeable.


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