A bright, bright, sunshiny day

Thursday 26th December 2013

Boxing Day, as it’s called here in the UK, dawned bright and sunny. As a treat for me & Chris I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast, and as a treat for the dogs we took them down to the beach at Sandbanks. It really was a beautiful day for a walk on the beach.

A beautiful day for a walk on the beach

Jez was a very happy little dog.

Happy Dog

Although Chris, with his hood pulled up, didn’t look quite so happy.

What have they all spotted?

Here’s Chris and Jez.

Chris and Jez

And Chris throwing the ball for Max.

Chris throws the ball for Max

Max, as ever, was loving every minute of it.

Max with his ball

We met a really cute, 12 week old, cocker spaniel puppy.

12 week old Cocker Spaniel

And here’s me with the dogs.

Me and the dogs on Sandbanks Beach

I thought the dogs would be worn out after all the excitement of the beach, but they were both up for a walk over Upton Heath in the afternoon.

I noticed that Janet had left a little Christmas posy on the memorial bench to her late husband.

Janet has left a Christmas posy on her late husband's seat

And by the time we were heading home the sun was slowly setting.


It was a very pleasant day.


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