A grey, wet afternoon on Upton Heath

Saturday 28th December 2013

We’ve had more wind and rain, so I was really surprised when Jez decided she wanted to come with Max and I for a walk on Upton Heath this afternoon. I was expecting it to rain again, so thought I’d put one her little rain coats on her. She hates wearing a coat though, and usually shuffles along with her nose close to the ground. As we walked onto the heath she clearly wasn’t too happy about having to wear one today, but did look very smart in it.

Jez has got her coat on today - much to her disgust

While we were waiting for Jez to catch up, something had obviously caught Max’s attention.

Something has caught Max's attention

We turned through the woods and started up the Roman Road, which is a little bit muddy at the moment.

The Roman Road is a bit muddy

Fortunately, just after I took that we met another dog, and Jez was so pleased to see it she forgot she had her coat on, and seemed to be quite happy in it for the rest of the walk.

Up on the Heath it was looking a bit grey.

Upton Heath

And it was another one of those days where I just knew we were going to get wet before the end of our walk.

Looks like we're going to get wet again!

So today I didn’t walk round the back of the hill but headed straight on home. En route we found a very nice puddle.


Just after that we met Ozzie, the young deerhound, who was looking very dapper in his Christmas bow tie.

Ozzie is looking very dapper

And so on down the hill towards home.

Upton Heath

And yes, we did get wet.


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