More rain overnight

Friday 27th December 2013

It was also threatening to rain for our walk (only Max and I again this morning), so I wrapped up well with waterproof boots, trousers and coat. I needn’t have bothered too much though, as it didn’t really rain for Max and my’s walk on Canford Heath. You can still see the results of all the recent rain though – there are even puddles on the hills!

There are even puddles on the hills

Here’s another shot of one of my favourite trees for you – this time against a stormy sky.


As we saw on Christmas Eve, there is lots of water in the stream. I normally show you shots of the stream looking east, but this was the scene looking west today.

Reflections in the stream

And lastly – here’s Max in his element.


Looking at the forecast the weather’s not going to be good tomorrow either – or for at least the next 2 weeks as far as I can make out. Looks like we’ll be continuing to test our waterproof clothing for some time.


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