Sunday 29th December 2013

It was actually cold enough to have a slight frost again. This year has been so odd: I can’t remember the last time it was as warm and frost free as this December has been. So a frost is quite a novelty.

I spent the morning baking bread and catching up on bits and pieces, and then took the dogs to Canford Heath in the afternoon. When we got there it looked a little bit stripey.


Even though it was the afternoon and the sun was out there was still lots of ice around on puddles in the shaded areas, and this pond was frozen.

Frozen Pond

There is still water down paths after all the rain, as you can see here where Jez is walking up the hill.

Jez waks up the hill

And, of course, there is lots of standing water for Max.

Max with his cone

As we walked the sun started to set. This is the view across Poole towards the Purbecks.

View over Poole

It meant that when we got to his favourite gully, Max was lit by the glow of the setting sun.


And finally one of the sun setting behind the trees.



2 thoughts on “Crisp

  1. Hey there. Nice to see Max on his walk today and that it is fairly mild where you are. I live over in the Oxford/ Gloucester borders and I actually photographed the ice I sliced off the water on the bird bath in early October………( I put the photo on my blog!.) We have had early frost most mornings ever since, unless the rain has been tipping down. But I guess it has been mild in general, especially later in the day and the sun is simply glorious today. Happy New Year to you and Max!

    • Happy New Year to you Gill. It must have been a lot colder where you are than it has been here overnight. But then we always find Oxfordshire cold to down here (I originally come from Didcot).

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