Its raining, so I might as well give Max a haircut

Monday 30th December 2013

Max is getting a bit shaggy again, and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to give him a bit of a haircut. I normally clip him, but as it’s winter I didn’t want to take his fur too short so thought I’d use the scissors. The ideal opportunity presented itself this morning when we woke to heavy rain and gale force winds. I didn’t fancy walking among the trees on Upton Heath when the winds were gusting to 30mph, so postponed our walk until later in the morning when the wind and rain were forecast to abate. Of course, Max didn’t make it easy and decided to stay sleeping on my bed – so that’s where I gave him his haircut. He slept through most of it.

Time for a haircut

Sorry for the poor quality photo – for some reason my iPad gave me a very fuzzy photo.

Once the rain eased off I took Max out (I didn’t even bother trying to get Jez out in this weather). It was very wet and muddy at the entrance to Upton Heath.

The entrance to Upton Heath is a bit wet and muddy

In the woods, the wind had bought down more large branches and a tree.

New tree down on Upton Heath

But as we walked around small patches of blue sky appeared.

A hint of blue sky

Max didn’t particularly care though – he was in puddle heaven.

Max is in puddle heaven

Just after I took that photo we met my old neighbour and continued our walk with him and his two cocker spaniels. By the time I left the heath Max was filthy, so en route home we stopped off at Creekmoor Ponds so that I could dunk him in the water.

Creekmoor Ponds

As you can see, the water level in the Pond is rather high. This is the Danger Deep Water and No Swimming sign.

The water level in Creekmoor Ponds is a bit high

Poor Max – it was so deep he had to stand on tippy toe when he came back to the bank.

Max's normal paddle isn't an option

At least he was clean when I got him home though.


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