Another year ends

31st December 2013

It was a bit of a topsy turvey end to the year for me. I had to get up early as Dad had a hospital appointment for a check up at 9.50am, which meant I had to get to Highcliffe and then get him back to the hospital in time for his appointment. Luckily there was very little traffic around. Also luckily there was only one doctor working so instead of a full waiting room there was only us and one other man and we were out within the hour. After that I took Dad home, sorted out some bits on his TV for him, and then was home in time for lunch.

It meant I didn’t get to walk the dogs today though, as Chris took Max out in the afternoon (Jez didn’t want to go). So no photos from our walk today. Instead, I took some photos of Jez while she was snoozying on Chris’ bed in the afternoon.

Jez snoozing

She wasn’t particularly happy about me sticking the camera in her face though.

Don't stick that camera in my face, Mum

And lastly, I like this shot. She’s heard something outside and is sitting up listening.

What has Jez heard?

New Year’s Eve means fireworks tonight, and so one very distressed Jezebel. It’s going to be a late night / early morning for us.


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