Happy New Year

Wednesday 1st January 2014

So he we are. A brand new year and the same old weather.

Raining again. Happy New Year!

Unsurprisingly, Jez didn’t go out in that rain with Chris in the morning, but stayed tucked up in bed. The weather wasn’t much better just after lunch when I went out, so we were all really surprised when Jez decided she wanted to come too. As it was raining I put her coat on her again, much to her disgust.

We went to Upton Country Park, which was pretty wet and muddy. There were more trees down in the Woodland Walk following the high winds.

Jez walks by another fallen tree

There was lots of water in the stream, which had, not surprisingly, flooded.

Jez poses by the steam

As well as the usual stream, there were some new ones along some of the paths.

The paths had turned to streams

And in the woods near the main road water bubbled up from the ground.

Water bubbles up through the ground while Max waits for me to throw a stick

Max used to be scared of it when it did that, but he seems to have got used to it now.

The big news, though, was that when we arrived the car park was full of Search and Rescue teams.

Search & Rescue team in carpark at Upton Country Park

They were looking for a local woman who has gone missing, and were searching the Country Park (those of you in the UK might have read about it on the news).

We kept bumping into small search teams as we walked around, like these near the big pond.

Search and rescue team at work

(where one of the kind search ladies found a ball for Max).

One of the Search & Rescue ladies found a ball for Max

And these down near the shoreline.

Discussion near the shoreline

They never found the lady, but they now think that she boarded a bus to Southampton.

So that was New Year’s Day. Quite exciting for us, especially as there wasn’t a sad end to the search, and also as two of my photos were used by ITV Meridian on their website.

A very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year to you all.


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