Sunshine and High Tide at Hamworthy

Thursday 2nd January 2014

And we’re back to bright sunshine again. The weather really doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing. Not only does it change dramatically from day to day, but it can change from hour to hour.

Anyway, it was a bright sunny morning, the tide is high, Jez is snoozing, so Max and I took ourselves off to Hamworthy beach – well, what was left of it given that, as I’ve said, it was a very high tide.

High tide at Hamworthy

Max was so excited to be down there. I hadn’t even turned the ignition off in the car, let alone got out and he was make all sorts of excited squeaking noises from the back.

A bright sunny morning at Hamworthy

The water was just about up to the bottom of the steps up from the beach when we got there, and you certainly couldn’t round the corner (that sign is warning of unsafe cliffs and mud).

No walking any further along this beach

We walked up the steps and round the circuit by Rockley Park caravan park…

View across Rockley Park to Lychett Bay

… and then I went down the steps further along the beach. This morning they were steps to nowhere.

Deep water at the bottom of the steps

Coming back through Ham Common nature reserve there was a nice view across the harbour.

View from Ham Common

Then I took Max for a quick swim in the lake before we headed back to the beach, where I liked the combination of sand, foam and sea.

Sand, Foam and Sea

When we got home Jez had got herself out of bed and was lying in the sun in her window waiting for us.

Jez lying in her window

We had had a lovely walk and got home just in time, as not long after we got back it started to rain. But at least it stopped again for Chris to take the dogs out in the afternoon.


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