The River Stour in full flood at Wimborne Minster

Monday 6th January 2014

Having commented on my last blog post about not necessarily posting photos for every single day I actually took the camera with me when I went shopping in Wimborne this lunchtime. Those of you in the UK have most probably seen about the flooding at Iford Bridge in Christchurch, near the mouth of the Stour. Well, Wimborne is a few miles upstream, but the river is in full flood here.

This shot is taken from the bridge at Oakley Hill (the main road from Poole and Merely into Wimborne).

River Stour in flood

And this from the Wimborne side of the bridge looking back towards Merely.

River Stour in flood

You can make out the normal course of the river in the centre of the photo.

Over the other side of the road, this was the view of Wimborne.

River Stour in flood

As I crossed back over the road we had rain and sun, and I ran and dodged the traffic just in time to catch a rainbow as it faded.

Rainbow over the floods

After I’d done my shopping I drove through Wimborne and crossed back over Julians Bridge (the road to Corfe Mullen), where I took these photos.

This is Julians Bridge.

Floodwaters around Julians Bridge

Another foot rise in the level and the water will be over the road.

River Stour in flood

This fence seems to be taking a battering.

River Stour in flood

And the sun coming through the clouds behind the flooded fields.

The sun breaks through over the flooded Stour

I particularly like that last shot.

And, of course, I should mention our walk this morning which was over to Upton Heath. Here’s Max on the heath …

Max on Upton Heath

and Jez.

Jez on Upton Heath

No sign of deer today, thank goodness.


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