Twelfth Night, or is it?

Sunday 5th January 2014

My Mum always used to say that Twelfth Night is 6th January, and that is what I have always believed. That’s the date I take my last Christmas decorations down. But a lot of people say Twelfth Night is on 5th January. I had to turn to Wiki to find out what there is such confusion. Apparently it all depends on when you start counting. If you say Christmas night (25th December) is the 1st night, then 5th January becomes the 12th Night. But if you say 26th December (the day after Christmas day) is the 1st Night, then 6th December is 12th Night. And the reason? Well apparently it all depends on whether or not you are still living in the Middle Ages, when they used to count days from Sundown, making 25th December the 1st night after Christmas night. Since we now count our days from midnight, I feel vindicated in my belief that 12th Night is on 6th January.

That said, I had Dad and Pat over to what I called a Twelfth Night dinner today. I had bought a very nice rib of beef before Christmas, which I put in the freezer with a view to them coming to lunch on New Year’s Day. In the end, though, they preferred to come today.

Here they are with Max, whose spotted an opportunity to snuggle up on the sofa with them (leaving nowhere for me to sit!).

Max snuggles up between Dad and Pat

Lunch is served.

Twelth Night lunch

Have you spotted that Yorkshire Pudding on Chris’ plate? He likes a plate sized Yorshire Pud, and I have to say this one was particularly magnificent.

My Yorkshire Pudding has risen well

And yes – he ate all of that, along with about 5 roast potatoes. As for the rest of lunch, well the inspriation for the veg came from the chef Tom Kerridge’s Christmas show: brussel sprout tops, and carrots braised with star anise. The were both really nice, as was that rib of beef.

There is one other topic I wanted to raise. As of today I have posted photos from every day for the past 367 days on this blog. I was aiming to do it for a year, which I’ve managed. I have to say, though, there are days when I find it hard going. They are days when it’s dull and grey and we’re walking in the same old places. I’ve said before I’m very conscious that this blog is getting repetitive. So my plan now is not to get too fussed if I don’t have photos from a day, or even from a few days. I want to try and go for quality rather than quantity. That, I am sure, will be easier said than done though. I’ve got into the habit of snapping and sharing. So if you don’t mind, that’s what I will do. There will still be lots of photos – they just might not cover every day.

If any of you have very strong feelings about this though, please let me know.


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