A bright sunny day takes us to Hamworthy

Wednesday 8th January 2014

Jez, of course, stayed in bed snoozing in the sun. So I packed a towel and took Max down to the beach at Hamworthy. Even though it was just after low tide the water was still pretty high (I checked the tide heights on the Admiralty tide tables before I went). As ever, Max was very eager for me to throw his cone so he could get in the water, although I wish that he would work out that he can go in on his own.

Eager dog

While we were there it started to cloud over, which gave me the opportunity to get this shot.


Today we walked all the way along the beach to the second set of steps, although part way along the sand and muddy clay get a bit soft and you tend to sink down into it, so it’s not great to walk on. Then we walked round the cliff and back to Ham Common lake, where Max had a swim. Until a swan came hurtling across the water towards us. Oddly enough, once it got there, it just started feeding and totally ignored us.


And then it was back to the beach, where I was amused, as always, by the seagulls all lined up on the old pier.

All lined up

One of these days I’ll get to come out in the morning, other than Monday morning, with us!


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