A walk in Wareham Forest

Friday 10th January 2014

I didn’t feel like going down to the Baiter for our walk this morning, even though it is Friday. Instead, as the sun was shining, I made up my mind to go out to the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest. And much to my surprise, Jez decided that she would come too. It made a nice change – we haven’t been there for a few months – even if the sun did disappear after a while. And I was really surprised that after all the rain it wasn’t wetter. I think there was more water around last time we were there. Max was happy finding new puddles to stand in though.

Max finds a new puddle to play in

I took the EOS 6D with me, and started out by trying out my new polarising filter. The problem with it is, though, that you can’t turn it when you have the lens good on (which I like to leave on all the time to help protect the lens). Once the sun went in it was also a bit dark to use the filter and I eventually swapped back to my normal UV filter.

Anyway, this was the view across Wareham Golf Course this morning. The polarising filter did bring the clouds out nicely.

View over Wareham Golf Course

I rather like these tree silhouettes – and I think the photo looks good in black and white.

Silver Birch and Douglas Fir

This was the view looking north to Morden Bog.

View towards Morden Bog

And the Dragonfly Pool was still and reflective – until Max got in and stirred it up that is!

Reflections in the Dragonfly Pool

After Max had had a swim in the Gruffalo Pool, the sun came out – which looked really good against the dark, brooding clouds.

Sunlight and storm clouds

And finally, a shot looking back along the path to the Gruffalo Pool.

Path the the Gruffalo Pool

It wasn’t very warm, but it was a lovely walk and made a welcome change. I’m pleased with the photos, and have been using them on an old app I bought for my iPhone (when I had one). It makes electronic jigsaw puzzles, and I use it on my iPad. Sadly I don’t think you can get it any more.


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