Back on Canford Heath

Tuesday 7th January 2014

Only Max and I again today. We needed fuel, so I parked at Asda and we walked up the Red Brick path onto the heath. Max was quite happy that where there had been a flooded area behind a gate last week, there was a nice, Max-sized pond this week.

Max is happy now the flooding has reduced to pond size

After we walked up the hill this was the view back across Poole.

View across Poole

And this the view towards the old tip.

Looking north to the old tip

The stream is still pretty deep though.

Max in the stream

And I love this shot of Max in one of his little gullies.

Max in yet another little gully

After lunch I took Jez for her physio appointment. I wasn’t sure she actually needed it – since she’s started going all her muscle stiffness has gone, so we are just left with joint stiffness now, which we tackle with anti-inflammatory meds. I’ve booked her next appointment for 6 weeks time.


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