Sunshine and water on Canford Heath

Thursday 9th January 2014

I’ve been a bit puzzled given all the rain we have had recently. Last spring the Gravel Hill entrance to Canford Heath was badly flooded, but after all of the rain we’ve had recently it has been pretty dry (not even especially muddy). Well today, all of that changed and the flood was back with a vengeance.

The Gravel Hill entrance to Canford Heath is flooded again

It was more than half way up my Wellington boots as I waded through.

On the heath itself streams are running down many of the paths.

Steams are running down the paths

I don’t actually mind this too much – I normally walk through the water as it tends to be less muddy.

And as we had sunshine I thought I’d get a shot of one of my favourite trees again – it looked so nice framed against the blue sky.

It's that tree again!

After I took those photos we met an old friend of ours, John, and his dog lucky. We rarely see them now as John is living up in Scotland temporarily, so it’s really nice to stop and have a chat when we do bump into each other. Unfortunately today while we chatted the sun went in, and by the time I finished our walk I was frozen!


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