Wednesday 15th January 2014

I had to take Max to the vet before our walk this morning, for his immuno-therapy injection and to have his tail checked out. The vet can’t find anything obviously wrong with his tail, so suspects its a neurological problem. Whatever it is, its not causing him any pain and for now we’re going to keep an eye on it.

It was a bit grey and miserable (and wet by the time we left the vet), so Jez decided not to come with us this morning. That meant it was just Max and I walking on Canford Heath. We walked along the path above the Crem. where we met a work party from the Urban Heath Partnership (plus their dogs) who were cutting down young fir trees. As we were chatting they decided it was time to stop for ‘elevensies’. I had to laugh. The cows were a little way off, must have smelt the food and tea, and decided they wanted some too – so over they came.

The cows want some elevensies too

That one in the front wasn’t happy that he wasn’t getting any. He made a right racket about it.


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