Hail, hail and more hail

Thursday 16th January 2014

Yes, that’s what the weather had in store for Max and I when we went for our walk at Upton Country Park this morning. I lost count of the number of times it hailed on us during our walk. I can’t say it was a particularly pleasant walk, although I should have had the big camera as the light was really interesting. This is the only shot that I’m vaguely happy with out of the ones I took.

Black skies over Upton Country Park

I’m going to try something new here and I hope it works – a short video clip. When we got round to the front of the park the water was still bubbling out of the ground. As I said a little while ago, at least Max isn’t afraid of it any more, although he did try to walk across it and managed to fall down the hole it had made! Anyway, this is him, standing by the bubbling ‘spring’ – and yes, he’s hoping I’m going to throw something for him.

If that has worked for you (it seems hit and miss when I preview it) you can see just how wet and muddy it is there as well. Which is why Max looked like this when we got back to the car.

Muddy Dog!

Time to get the hose out.


2 thoughts on “Hail, hail and more hail

    • Thanks for letting me know. No, it’s not really a spring, but when we’ve had a lot of rain over a prolonged period I’ve noticed that the water bubbles up out of the ground there, as you can see.

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