Are you looking at me?

Saturday 18th January 2014

More rain overnight. Another grey, miserable day. In fact, lots of rain was promised for this afternoon but it didn’t really make an appearance until the evening. That meant that Jez, Max and I almost got our walk done in the dry. We only had a short, light shower while we were out though, so nothing to worry about. Unlike the mud on Upton Heath which is getting worse, mainly because they are cuttng down trees near the lake and using large vehicles to remove them, which churn up the paths and leave mud that is ankle deep in places. I hope they are planning to repair the paths once they’ve finished.

So, on with out walk. Here’s the view over Upton Heath today.

Upton Heath

And I’m wondering if you, like me, can see a face in this photo of fungi growing up the bark of a burnt silver birch tree.

Fungi on Silver Birch

In a pond the branches of another dead tree, this time a fir, look like ribs sticking out of the water.

Ribs of a tree

And my favourite photo from today: burnt silver birch trees against a dark sky.

Burnt trees against a stormy sky

The heavier rain started as we were leaving the Heath in the car – I’d managed to time it just right.


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