A day for wildlife

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Another bright sunny morning dawned. Jez stayed snoozing in the sun. Max and I went to Upton Country Park. To be honest, it was really nice to walk round the Country Park again without it tipping down with rain. We had a lovely walk, although it is still very wet and muddy underfoot in the Woodland Walk, and the front lawn is waterlogged.

First though a shot of the little bridge leading to Upton, in between the Woodland Walk and the pond.


At the pond itself we saw the heron – in the sunshine rather than through the rain.


As I walked round some other dog walkers we meet from time to time told me there was a fox lying in a field after the boardwalk. I was busy keeping my eyes open for it and nearly missed the sparrowhawk sitting up in a tree right next to the boardwalk. Here it is from behind – all puffed up with the sun on it’s back.


And from the front – not quite such a good shot as I had to take the photo against the sky and partly into the sun.


It was nice to be able to see it fairly close up. And it wasn’t bothered by me and another lady with our dogs – it just sat there.

A few yards further on and we saw the fox. It sat up briefly, but generally was just lazing around in the sun.

A fox takes it easy in the sun

And finally onto the pond at the bottom of the gardens, where the mallards are all starting to pair up, and where the males appear to in full breeding plumage already – like this one here. I love the colours in the sunlight, and that there’s a nearly perfect reflection in the water.

Male Mallard

And I’ll leave you today with a short video clip of Max in the stream. He’s lost his stick!


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