Mizzle on the Heath

Friday 24th January 2014

Heavy rain was forecast throughout today, so I was surprised to find that we just had a persistent mizzle this morning. Jez thought about joining Max and I for our walk, but in the end thought better of it, and after sticking her nose out of the front door went back in to bed. So Max and I walked over Upton Heath.

It wasn’t a particularly pleasant walk – that mizzle was very persistent. And in places it’s really wet and muddy underfoot, especially where the contractors’ lorries have churned it up. This was the view of the path behind Max’s favourite pond.

A wet morning on Upton Heath

Did you spot Max in the centre, waiting hopefully for me to throw his cone for him?

As we walked towards the Roman Road we met the Exmoor Ponies – all standing in a row.

All in a row

And this one seemed to want to come and say Hello.

Coming to say hello

All in all a pretty wet walk. The rain has continued all day, so poor little Jez hasn’t got out for a walk at all. Let’s hope it’s better tomorrow.


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