X marks the spot

Thursday 23rd January 2014

It was a bit brighter again today, although there was a cold wind. I was, therefore, surprised when Jez decided that she would come for a walk with Max and I today, rather than lie in the sun. Today’s walk was to Canford Heath, and I don’t think the poor little soul had bargained for having to wade through the tummy-deep puddle to get onto the heath.

I just had my iPhone with me again today, so the photos were taken on that. Firstly, the subject of this post. After Jez had met and played with a young dalmation we walked on to the pond near Steeple Close, where the sky was reflected beautifully in the clear, dark water (well, clear until Max started jumping around in it). Overhead, in the blue sky, were two vapour trails which crossed, and you can see the reflection of these just to the right of Max.

X marks the spot

Moving onto the stream, here’s Jez, sitting waiting while I throw a cone for Max. You can see here lovely brindle markings well in this photo.

Just sitting

Oh, and I should add, that was just before she started hassling me for treats which she expects all the time I throw Max’s cone for him.

After we left the stream we met the cows, which for some reason Jez ignored today. This one turned to watch us walk by though.

Hello there!

I do love that jet-black nose.


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