Jez finally gets a walk

Saturday 25th January 2014

Well, to be truthful, she did get a 15 minute walk at 10pm last night. And oddly after not having a walk yesterday, she decided she wasn’t going out with Chris and Max this morning. She did come with me for our usual Saturday afternoon walk over Upton Heath though.

Upton Heath

We started out in sunshine, and although it clouded over and was blowing a hooley, we didn’t get wet. It was very wet underfoot in places though. Walking up the Roman Road I was a bit surprised to see this branch on a telephone line.

Now how did that get there?

I can’t quite work out how it got there, as the only tree close enough to have lost a branch was downhill from the pole. And it looked too big for someone to have thrown it up there.

Max was a very happy dog with all the water around, and you can see from this photo that there was some sun around.

Max - Upton Heath

As Jez hadn’t had a walk yesterday I walked them round the lower heath too. It’s a bit far for her really, and she was tired by the time we headed back along the Roman Road to the car. We did get to meet the Exmoor Ponies again though, only a few feet from where they were yesterday.

Exmoor Ponies

So today I will leave you with a short piece of video of Jez and one of the ponies getting to know each other.


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