And now for some sun

Monday 27th January 2014

Our weather is so odd this winter. One minute chucking it down with rain, the next bright sunshine. Which meant that after yesterday morning’s deluge this morning was nice and sunny for our Monday morning walk over Upton Heath. I think they have finally finished cutting down trees as I haven’t seen any cars or trucks on the Heath for the past week. The mud remains though. This is the area, near the lake, that they have cleared.

Area near the lake that has been cleared

And this is the remnants of that clearance, waiting to be taken away.

Evidence of the clearance work

We had a nice walk and met a few friends on the way round, although Jez didn’t seem inclined to play. And Max is only ever really happy in his own company, in water: like the new stream that runs along the Roman Road.

Max in the temporary stream along the Roman Road

We came home via Creekmoor Ponds, so both dogs got washed off, and then just as we got home it started to rain. Good timing!


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