Sunshine and clouds on Canford Heath

Tuesday 28th January 2014

Jez didn’t come out with Max and I this morning: she had found a patch of weak sunlight to lie in. I wasn’t too bothered as it meant that it would be easier to get her out of the house to go to the vet for the second of her Cartrophen injections in the afternoon. So Max and I went to Canford Heath, and waded through the ever deepening flood at the Gravel Hill Entrance.

Once again I only had the iPhone with me. We took the route along the Crem. path today, and this was the view looking south, as the sun broke through the dark clouds gathering over Poole (I was trying out the HDR feature on the phone).

The sun breaks through over Canford Heath

While I took my photos Max waited patiently.

Max waits while I take a photo

Upton Heath isn’t the only place where clearance work has been carried out, although there seems to have been very little on Canford Heath this winter. That said, there must be some work going on somewhere as the log pile at the top of the old pit road has been added to, and someone has been cutting down some very large trees.

Someone has been cutting down some very big trees

Once again we got round in the dry. I left the showers to Chris in the afternoon.


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