Max almost stayed clean

Thursday 30th January 2014

There are advantages and disadvantages to there being so much water around at the moment. The disadvantage is that Max gets very dirty. The advantage is that there is lots of water around to wash him off in again. Unfortuantely today he did it the wrong way round. We went to Canford Heath (Jez decided not to venture out as it looked a bit cold and grey), and walked up the Red Brick path. Towards the end of our walk Max had been washed off and was looking fairly clean, if a bit wet and bedraggled.

Max poses on Canford Heath

The he decided to drop his cone in a muddle puddle, and this was the result.

Muddy nose!

At least it was only a muddy nose though!

Talking of the rain, I see the Met Office have been releasing statistics for January, even though it hasn’t finished yet. Looking at where we live it appears that not only have we had the wettest January on record since 1910, but we’ve had over 200mm of rain so far, which is more than twice the average for the month (as measured between 1981 and 2010). I can certainly believe it. It would be nice if the end was in site, but it’s not.


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