Sunny but blustery on Upton Heath

Saturday 1st February 2014

Well February seems to want to pick up where January left off. Although it was sunny for our walk over Upton Heath this afternoon, it was very windy again. And there are severe weather warnings out for Dorset for next week, so it looks as though we’ll be having more of the same: more wind, more rain, more mud!

I only took the iPhone for the walk today, as I had bought a new app, recommended on the Still Walks blog, and I wanted to try it out. It’s called Pure Shot and it gives you better control over the iPhone camera, and allows you to save the images with less compression (as higher quality jPegs or as Tiff files). So, a few photos for you.

Here’s Max, heading up towards the Viewpoint.

Max on the path to the viewpoint

And those two trees again.

I thought it was supposed to rain

Coming down across the heath, Jez kept picking up a scent.

Jez has smelt something

I know this isn’t a particularly good photo, but I do love shots of Jez sticking her tongue out.


And finally Max: after he’s been in his favourite pond, Max now likes to head straight for one of the new, water-filled drainage ditches.

Another day, another watery gulley

If we ever have a drought I don’t know what poor Max will do!


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