Batten down the hatches

Wednesday 5th February 2014

I’m sure those of you in the UK, if not elsewhere, will be aware that the south coast, including Dorset has been battered by another big storm today. When it came to our morning walk Jez stayed firmly put, although she did get out with Chris in the afternoon. I had the problem of where to take Max in order to avoid the worst of the 25-35mph winds and so avoid the risk of a tree falling on us. In the end I opted to walk him over Upton Heath. We avoided the exposed pines near the Beechbank Avenue entrance, but did walk along the tree-lined Roman Road which seemed remarkably sheltered.

At first the rain wasn’t too bad, and the workmen were still gathering up the cut trees on the Heath (and burning them today).


Max really wasn’t too sure about all this wind and rain though.

Max looks a bit depressed in the wind and rain

Especially when it gusted

Wind alert!

I suspect it was because we hadn’t been to play in his favourite pond. He’d cheered up by the time we got to the Roman Road though, and he was able to play in the stream there.

Max is happy to play in the stream

All in all it was a pretty soggy walk. And although it was still blowing well when Chris took the dogs out in the afternoon, at least it had stopped raining. We had planned to go down to the beach with them, so that I could get some photos, but just before we were going to leave I spotted that Poole and Bournemouth Councils were advising people to stay away as it was not safe, so we decided not to risk it. I wouldn’t want the dogs getting swept away!


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