She’s the devil in disguise

Thursday 6th February 2014

Well the wind has dropped, but today we have steady, fairly heavy rain. Jez is not happy. For her it’s a PJ day. For Max and I, though, it’s business as usual. We went to Canford Heath, parking in Steeple Close for a change (I lodged with a colleague and his family in Steeple Close for a few months, many years ago). This was the view as I parked the car.

We arrive in Steeple Close for our walk on Canford Heath

Even Max didn’t look too happy about the rain!

Even Max isn't too sure about all this rain

He trotted out ahead of me as we crossed the heath though.

Walking across Canford Heath in the rain

If you look carefully you can see a couple of other people at the top of the hill, so we weren’t the only ones out on the heath in the rain. By the time we got back to the car after just over an hour we were sodden, but at least parking at Steeple Close I can rinse Max off in the pond.

Wet dog back at the car

In the afternoon, in the middle of my washing and cleaning, I turned on one of those softbox lights to get some photos of Jez on the sofa.


Here’s a really nice portrait of her.


And lastly, one I love because of her expression.


A friend of mine on Facebook said she looks like a smiling angel. I replied that often she’s more the devil in disguise!

2 thoughts on “She’s the devil in disguise

  1. Lovely story and photos. Every now and then, I enjoy walking in the rain (as long as it’s not cold). I love the sad pic of Jez, though of course your photos once she has the devilish smile is priceless!

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