What’s the point of having a sofa?

Saturday 8th February 2014

After yesterday’s sunshine it was another grey and windy day today, as you can see from the view over Upton Heath in the afternoon.

View across Upton Heath

I quite liked this shot of a leafless tree against the sky.

Tree against stormy sky

When we got down to the lower heath we heard a low rumble of thunder, so we hurried on. We didn’t beat the weather though, and Jez was less than impressed when, before we could get to the Roman Road, we got hailed on. After sheltering under some fir trees for a while we ran the rest of the way to the Roman Road, which at least provided some shelter.

In the evening I was sitting on the sofa watching the TV when Max got up and joined me. After a while, Jez decided she wanted to lie on the sofa too, so I was squashed in the middle of them. Then the phone rang and I made the mistake of getting up to answer it. Jez streched out. So guess who had to sit on the floor.

Life imitating art


2 thoughts on “What’s the point of having a sofa?

  1. Perfect title. I just love the way bare trees look against the sky; I take lots of those photos too. I see there is a jigsaw puzzle fan in your home, too. Matt loves them and we always have one going. Super cozy photo of Jez and Max!

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