Sunshine and Rain

Sunday 9th February 2014

The dogs and I went over Canford Heath again this afternoon. One again I parked in Steeple Close, which was a new one on Jez and she wanted to try a explore all the gardens between the car and the heath. It was fairly overcast, and it wasn’t long before the rain started. I had taken the dogs along the path that runs by the housing estate again, and the garden walls at least provided us with a little protection. The rain was cold and driving though, and it wasn’t very pleasant. Fortunately, not long after we turned up across the Heath the sun came out. By the time we got onto the main track across the heath it was nice and sunny.

As you can see, some of the puddles alongside the track are getting a little deep.

Max and a cone

I had several goes at getting a photo of Jez in the sun. I’d sit her down and she’d turn and look in the other direction. If I called her name to get her to look at me she’d get up and trot towards me! So this was the best I could do.

Jez won;t sit still to have her photo taken

Notice Max in one of his favourite puddles in the background.

After we turned off the main track to head across to the stream we met the cows.


While I was taking that photo I could hear Max barking further up. When I looked he was standing barking at a cow that was lying down, minding it’s own business. It just completely ignored him!

Near it though, was this cow, playing Peep-po through the silver birch trees.


So after a miserable start it was a really pleasant walk after all.


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