Yep. It’s a wet one again.

Tuesday 11th February 2014

But at least it wasn’t too bad. Jez wasn’t moving, so as it was raining I simply walked Max back over Upton Heath again. One thing I noticed was that the crocuses are out along Beechbank Avenue.

Crocuses are out in Beechbank Avenue

And here we have a wet dog in a boggy part of the heath.

Wet dog in a boggy pool

It’s always boggy just there, by the way. It’s just that the little pools have spread a bit with all the rain.

As we crossed the lower heath I nipped out of the gate to have a look at the mess that the workmen had made where they are cutting back.

Contractors have made a real mess of the old railway line

We won’t be walking along that way any time soon!

Back at home we’ve been having drain problems again. We’ve tried rodding again but to no avail, and I wasn’t too happy when a bit of root came out yesterday while I was having another go. So in the end we had to give in and call a drain man out. And yes, the main drain between the house and the sewer is blocked as roots from the laurel in the front flowerbed have found their way into the drain. The man is coming back on Thursday to dig up the section of drain, replace it and then concrete round it. It’s going to cost us over £2,000 to have it done. And it wasn’t us who planted the laurel, but the original owners. Not happy!


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