A hole in the ground so big and sort of round it was

Thursday 13th February 2014

Yes, we had a big hole in the ground today. Here is one last look at the laurel before it was removed.

Before digging up the drain

And here is the offending drain section.

The offending drain section

But at least its all done now, and the new section and joints have been concreted round so the roots can’t get in again.

As you can see, the weather forecast was right and other than a couple of light showers we had some sunshine today. Both Jez and Max came with me to Canford Heath.

Stream on Canford Heath

They are busy cutting down trees on Canford Heath too.

Cutting down more trees

And buring the cuttings, which seemed to fascinate the cows who had to go and investigate.

The cows go to investigate

Max was just happy playing in the stream though.

Max in the stream

It was a brief respite in the weather – more high winds and torrential rain again tomorrow.

Oh – and the blog title? Well those of you of a certain age from the UK might recognise it as a Bernard Cribbins song from 1962:


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