Been raining all the time

Wednesday 12th February 2014

There was a reason we agreed the man would come and fix the drains tomorrow rather than today: we had looked at the weather forecast. And it wasn’t wrong. Down here we escaped with winds gusting up to 85mps, although the north east of England was not so lucky. And it rained, and rained, and rained. Jez wasn’t going anwywere, but chose instead to stay snuggled up on Chris bed in amongst the duvets (photo courtesy of Chris).

Jez snuggles while it pours outside

Max and I went out – in fact we managed to avoid the rain for a lot of our walk around the Country Park. It started as we headed back to the car, and then it didn’t let up. But I was walking round chatting to an acquaintance, so didn’t end up taking any photos.

In the afternoon I was busy cleaning and clearing up in anticipation of my cousin and her husband coming to stay at the week-end. And I finished off one of the jigsaw puzzles Chris gave me for my birthday.

Wet weather occupation

We’re hoping for better weather tomorrow.


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