We nearly didn’t get rained on today

Saturday 15th February 2014

But not quite. Chris had bright sunshine for his walk with Max in the morning, and although it was sunny when Jez, Max and I left for Upton Heath in the afternoon it was starting to cloud over.

After the winds this week there are more trees down. This one is in the woods by the Roman Road.

Fallen tree

And here’s Max standing in the sunshine nearby.


Jez took us via Pinesprings, and you can see what I mean about sunshine but starting to cloud over.


And whilst this might have been the view south over Poole once we came out onto the heath…

View towards Poole

… this was the view looking west.

Storm line

Rather than going the longer route around the back of the hill I tried turning south to the viewpoint after we’d got to Beacon Road, in the hope of avoiding the rain. But too late! Jez was not impressed, and we hurried down the hill in short order. We found a bit of an obstacle further down though. The remaining large silver birch in this small clump had blown down.

Fallen tree

Luckily we were able to get round it.

Other than that my cousin and her husband were supposed to be coming to stay this week-end, but this morning they had to cancel as their neighbour’s fence had blown down onto their garden overnight. I was disappointed, as it would have been nice to see them, but hopefully they will be able to make it down next month. The weather might be a bit better by then!


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