It was nearly a Bin Day failure

Monday 17th February 2014

So Bin Day dawned, and it was wet. At first we thought our normal Bin Day routine was going to work on Jez: she came to the front door – she even came outside. Then she turned around and went back indoors again. So we thought that was it, and I set about finding Max who was running around our drive and the footpath. But Jez must have heard me calling him, as when Chris appeared with the bin, so did Jez. And with no lead on she promptly ran off into the undergrowth by the pond. Eventually we got her back, put her lead on and she decided she would come on our walk with us after all. So off we went to Upton Heath.

Once we’d braved the mud at the entrance and crossed the Roman Road I spotted what I thought at first was a fallen tree – I must have missed it on Saturday as I left the heath through a different gate. But on closer inspection it hadn’t toppled over: it had snapped off half way up, which gives some indication of the strength of the wind gusts last week.

A top of a pine has snapped off

It was a bit of a damp walk, but at least it wasn’t raining hard. It certainly wasn’t raining hard enough to bother the Exmoor Ponies.

Exmoor Ponies

Of course, Jez had to wander over to see them.

Jez eyes up the Exmoor Ponies

And that was about all for our walk today. After a cup of coffee I went and did my grocery shopping in Wimborne. On the way I passed this Mimosa on Beechbank Avenue which had fallen victim to the wind too.

Such a shame this mimosa succumbed to the wind

So sad: it was such a lovely tree.


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